Knee Passive Motion Kinetec Spectra CPM

Knee Passive Motion Kinetec Spectra CPM

Product Information

An unbeatable combination of great design and latest USB technology to programme the device or record patient data, this Spectra comes with a washable, auto-clavable pads set..


Great functionality, including programming:
The Kinetec Spectra™ offers a full range of movement options and controls, set by using the handset. Alongside your standard controls, this CPM offers additional functionality such as warm-up function, 20 pre-set programmes, session timing and ROM by-pass. Using a USB accessory and software, this option can also be used to capture individual patient session information..

Movements and controls available:
The following elements can be set and controlled via the handset – extension and flexion limits, speed, resistive force, timer and pause in extension and flexion. The hand control has clear start and stop buttons. The handset is also be used for selecting pre-set programmes, warm-up function, ROM bypass and session timing.

Patient safety:
The handset can be easily locked to prevent alteration of the parameters by patients whilst in use.

Outstanding range of motion:
This CPM provides a wide range of motion from -10 of hyperextension to 120 degrees of flexion allows treatment of most knee & hip pathologies.

Evolution compliant:
The Spectra Essential can be upgraded to the new Kompanion.


Washable support straps and mattress:

This version of the Spectra is supplied with washable, auto-clavable pads. The pads set are warm and comfortable to the touch with a towelling surface. The full set should be changed between patients. (Supplied with 3 leg straps, foot pad and overlying mattress). Choose this version if you wish to use single-use, disposable pads. (Please see accessories).


Accessories include Data Capture software to record patient information and progress, a seat adaptor to use it in seated position, a trolley and paediatric footplate (to allow for shorter legs). Single-use, disposable pads are also available for this CPM.